DP(E): “In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt: Following One Shift in the COVID-19 Unit (with ER Dr. Megan Ranney)”

Starting another blog post series! This one has a simple goal: Share one podcast episode daily as that day’s “must listen”. Given my wide-ranging podcast appetite, these will range across the spectrum from pop culture, to politics, to healthcare & the pandemic, to business & startups, to psychology, sports, statistics, and…yeah, you get the idea.

  • The burdensome nature of the multi-layered PPE that causes sores, quickens the onset of fatigue due to the extra weight, the sweating, and the inability to stay hydrated, and the fact that all reusable stuff—think BPA-free water bottles, travel food containers and the like—is out the window due to restrictions, AND the fact that bathroom management has to be carefully scheduled due to the process of donning and removing the PPE
  • The need to wear surgical masks over N95 masks due to the cost of the latter and the need to keep them as clean as possible for re-use, vs. the much cheaper and more readily available surgical masks.

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